REACTION will push through the first worldwide 200mm Silicon Carbide (SiC) Pilot Line Facility for Power technology. This will enable the European industry to set the world reference of innovative and competitive solutions for critical societal challenges, like Energy saving and CO2 Reduction (ref. to COP21 Agreement1), as well as Sustainable Environment through electric mobility, power conversion efficiency and Smart Production.

The project is committed to challenge the following objectives:

  • • Development and demonstration of the first WW 200mm SiC advanced manufacturing facility addressing a multi/cross-capability. This cross-capability project leverages the presence of all actors along its value chain and creates the adequate critical mass to foster the vital innovation that will contribute to the overall goals of ECSEL.
  • • Improvement in productivity, competitiveness and affordability of next generation of SiC devices and system solutions starting from 6” substrates and moving forward 8” substrates.

The strategy of the 8” SiC Pilot Line will enable:

  • • the development of 8” SiC substrate
  • • the development of 8” SiC equipment
  • • the realization of Diodes, Planar starting from 6” and moving towards 8” SiC Devices and Processes
  • • The development of advanced and peculiar equipment for 8” SiC processing, taking profit from the some already available equipment in the production Silicon line at 200mm wafer size.
  • • The application of such SiC technologies will be a breakthrough enabler for Energy Efficiency and CO2 Reduction worldwide, in line with COP21’s global action plan.
  • • The outcomes of the 8” Pilot Line will be extremely important in the future to drive the strategic decisions about the establishment of a full size production line for SiC power devices (i.e. high complexity Smart Power and power devices).
  • • Final user demonstrators in the field of Smart Energy and Mobility.

Pilot Line

The Pilot Line will be based on three main pillars:

  • • Continuous technological innovation on SiC Power devices facing with the more and more increasing demand from market applications;
  • • Industrial policy focused on high quality and mass SiC production’s cost reduction and optimization;
  • • Set the ground for future 8” WW wafer upgrade of “More than Moore” disruptive technologies (e.g. advanced SiC manufacturing, now at 150mm).